I went back into the archives when getting this new site together and pulled out the videos that stood out the furthest which you can check out below. There are more over on my youtube page though I recommend giving these a shot first.

Official video for The Heart of Eastern Passage (2021) featuring the Conception Bay String Quartet.
Here’s an interview from the video shoot giving a little bit of background into The Heart of Eastern Passage.

Here are a couple of traditional styled reels Welcome to the Convent and Farewell to St. Pat’s made during my Covid Clone period.
This is a waltz from the master Django Reinhardt called Chez Jacquet.
This one is from the ECMA awards a while ago and also features the one and only Patrick Boyle.
My good buddy and bluegrass picker extrordinaire Craig Young and I chat about our approach to music and play some tunes from our 2013 album Charlie’s Boogie.